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Reader report: thief nabs iMac in Mad Valley burglary

Although the number of burglaries are way down compared to last year, they’re still happening. Reader SW sent us this report on how they got ripped off today:

Between 11am – 12:30 pm today, a thief broke into our house on MLKbetween Howell and Olive and stole a computer.  The thief got inthrough a window – cut through the screen and then reached up andknocked out the bar that blocked the window from opening more than 4inches – and grabbed our Apple iMac large-screen computer (image here,it’s one where the monitor and computer are all one, so it looks likea flat-screen tv —

Our yard is raised and fairly open, so the thief was pretty exposedonce he got the computer.  Please, neighbors, let us know if you seeour computer, and watch out for open windows!

One reason why burglaries go up in the summer is because there’s more opportunity. Open windows, doors, and garages make for easy and tempting targets for someone to quickly snatch expensive electronics. If you’re away or in a different part of a house, make sure to close and lock all windows and doors, and keep valuables out of sight.

Refer back to our burglary prevention video for more tips.

0 thoughts on “Reader report: thief nabs iMac in Mad Valley burglary

  1. The thief actually couldn’t open the window more than 4 inches – he used the frame from the screen as a hook to drag the computer over to the window, and slipped it through!

  2. i’m sorry but i have no sympathy for people who leave their windows open. i’d rather come home to a 90 degree house than leave my windows open as welcome invitation to burglars.

  3. Are you really sorry? ‘i’m sorry but,,,’ seems awfully passive aggressive to me, buck up and own it if you are going to make such a stance on a human being wanting to live an open window life free of punk ass burglars that take what they want with no tough laws in this town.

  4. Same thing happened to us last night at 12:15am. Left dining window open about 6″. Stole two laptops one being a Mac. Lesson learned. We’ve lived here 9 years and this is the first time this has happened.

  5. If you are tempted to leave your windows open at night just remember the South Park stabbings and murder last year.

  6. i do not feel sorry for the victim. i have no sympathy for people who leave their windows open in the summertime, especially in a neighborhood known for burglaries.

  7. The only windows I leave open are on my third floor, and if a burglar manages to gain access 30 feet off the ground, I think I would applaud his efforts! On my first floor, however, my windows only open after spending about 20 minutes removing anti-burglary hardware. Also, the glass is reinforced and unbreakable. Take that, Thieving Scum!

  8. It’s so awesome that the mindset is that we ‘should’ live like prisoners in our own houses in this city, rather than become tough on crime and the juvy punks that are tought young that anything is free if they just want to take it, violently or not. I live a very, very secure life in my home, I live smart, it’s just comical to me that there is no adivce on these threads to do something about the root of the problem, just secure your fortress and sweat.

  9. Thanks for the sympathy from some, and a big FU to jpg. A four-inch window left opened for 1 1/2 hours shouldn’t be such a breach of safety. Short of breaking the window (which the thief could have done, open or not) there was no way he could have gotten anything out, save the computer. It looks like he broken it getting it out, so bully for him.

    oskar3802, we were able to get a description of the thief from a neighbor, who thought he shooed him out of our yard. If Scott can send me your email (or you mine), I’m happy to give a description.

    On the plus side, the neighborhood policing unit papered our area this morning with a notice about our burglary, so hopefully none of our neighbors will get robbed by the same group. Though if he hits house of the Vietnam vet next door, he’ll be picking buckshot out of his hind end, or worse.

  10. seriously? you have no compassion for people who are victimized for making a mistake? you’re a real piece of work.

  11. I, too, take exception to jpg. “especially in a neighborhood known for burglaries” – excuse me? I have friends in Ballard, Maple Leaf, Pinehurst, Wallingford….all over the city. EVERY neighborhood has burglary issues, especially in the summer because of open windows.

    Locking windows and doors when I’m not home? Doesn’t feel like a prison if I’m not locked inside :) Blinds down all day while I’m at work? Standard desert strategy for keeping the inside cooler. I live on MLK as well and the only thing that feels even slightly oppressive is having to lock my front door while I’m home and awake. I can live with that. (didn’t even do that, until someone came in a few years ago and stole my purse while i was eating dinner)

    So sorry to hear about your theft. Our windows are locked at that same 3-4 inch opening; difference is that there’s nothing within arms reach I guess….thanks for sharing and reminding everyone.

    Block watch night out on Tuesday!!!!!