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Reader photo: Fireworks send neighborhood tree up in flames

CDNews tipster EM sent us this photo of a neighborhood tree that went up in flames last night near 25th & Pike due to errant fireworks:

I just wanted to send a note about the hooligans in our hood who have been shooting off fireworks all weekend. Last night, they shot one into my neighbors foliage and the fire almost reached the telephone cables! 

The fire folks were here in less than 5 min, but by the time they got here, the fire was mostly put out by neighbors with buckets. 

Attached is a pic from my bedroom. 

Our trees and scared pets thank you for refraining from fireworks festivities in the city.

0 thoughts on “Reader photo: Fireworks send neighborhood tree up in flames

  1. To the fireworks at 24th & Judkins. Sitting in my bedroom, saw the flash, heard the pop, saw the screen burn into a 2 inch diameter hole. I should be lucky it wasn’t a tree or my house, but aren’t there safer places to blow these darn things off.

  2. four men, around 18-25 years of age, in a white 1980’s looking car, set one big firework next to a light pole on 13th and Columbia off tonight 7/7/10. It was so big it set a bush on fire across the street. The hoodlums had one guy set off the firework, while the others waited in the running car. They had the back door of the car open so when the firework was lit, the one setting it off could just jump in and they could rush from the scene speeding on 13th towards Madison. I saw the whole thing. I know they thought it was a prank but come on… they are setting things on fire!!!!