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Monfort tells Times "things I’m accused of are selfless acts"

Today our news partners at The Seattle Times have a long front-page article on Christopher Monfort, the suspect accused of killing Officer Timothy Brenton and wounding Officer Britt Sweeney in a brutal shooting in Leschi last Halloween.

In two jail-house interviews, Monfort at first asked to be paid, and claimed that his intentions were honorable:

Told that The Seattle Times would not pay, Monfort declined to talk about the charges against him. But he said: “My intentions are the best for the city and the country. The things I’m accused of are selfless acts. I didn’t get anything out of them. I’m not accused of robbing banks or stealing.”

In a second interview, Monfort continues to raise the issue of police brutality and the public’s support of police:

In this visit, he remains fixated on police misconduct. He cites cases across the country — in Detroit; Everett; San Bernardino, Calif., — in which police were accused of brutality. Violent crime nationwide has fallen, yet “we’re still seeing a ridiculous amount of police brutality,” he says.

Why? “The problem is not just with the police,” he says. “The problem is with the citizens.”

Monfort is scornful of citizens — “Tories among us,” referring to supporters of the British monarchy — who lavish praise on police who “don’t even do their jobs.”

“We’ve got people who say police can do no wrong, ‘Oooh, it’s a tough job,’ ” Monfort says mockingly. “A tough job? If it’s so hard, quit.”

The Times also includes a lot of new interviews with Monfort’s acquaintances, including former schoolmates who described him as a loner, intelligent, but uncomfortably focused on politics.

Read the whole thing at

The county prosecutor is currently weighing whether to seek the death penalty against Monfort, with a decision expected by September.

0 thoughts on “Monfort tells Times "things I’m accused of are selfless acts"

  1. Dude your title doesn’t make sense… Monfort tells Time’s he’s “accused of are selfless acts”?

    C’mon Scott. You can do better. You know Times has no apostrophe. If you want to quote Monfort in the title can you at least string something coherent together? kthanxbai.

  2. you gotta be stupid to say that this man is not right, everything he has said has been on point.

  3. Monfort may finally have an audience (thanks, Times), but he has zero credibility. He’s a murderer and a nut job.
    If he really cared about police brutality, there are many ways he could have helped his cause. Now that he’s a murderer, everything that comes out of his mouth is pointless.
    And thanks, Times et al. for ignoring important issues until they’re illuminated by a wacko like Monfort.

  4. Dear Oscar Grant,
    Aren’t you no longer alive? Didn’t the BART police shoot you in 2009? Oh well, I am glad you have joined the CDN discussion and yes, I think you are right that what he is saying rings true.

    Dear Big But,
    Could you tell me the many ways you know of to stop police brutality? Me and Oscar and many others are DYING to know!