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Similar situation in June ’08

Fire crews have responded to a report of an explosion and smoke coming from Seattle City Light’s big substation at 23rd and Pine.

A police officer who was nearby heard the explosion and saw the smoke driving southbound toward Union.

We experienced a brief power surge at CDNews World HQ, but thankfully so far all of our fans are still going.

City Light sent out a press release earlier today warning that high temperatures can stress the electrical system, bringing the possibilities of outages.

Leave a comment below if you’ve lost power in your part of the neighborhood.

0 thoughts on “Similar situation in June ’08

  1. Out at 19th and Cherry. Great, there goes all my frozen food!
    How long does it take to repair those things anyway?

  2. We certainly appreciated the City Light prompt responce. From the enitial outage until full power back on shows only 25 minutes for us! Though we would rather not have lost power, we feel this responce provided an Outstanding Customer Service, Thanks!

  3. If you don’t open your freezer door, anything in there will keep for at least 24 hours.