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Crazy wildlife alert: Deer spotted at 14th & Fir

I wouldn’t have believed this one without the picture. CDNews reader and Twitterer kiacharon snapped this photo of a deer near 14th & Fir:

Kia tweeted “This deer sighting, strng as it sounds, has been a highlight of the day. Am so upset abt#oscargrant verdict. Glad to see beauty this a.m.”.

This photo was titled “He’s going to juvey, apparently”:

We went on a wild deer chase but couldn’t find it anywhere in the area. If you spot it, please call the CDNews Deer Spotter Hotline at 425-998-7236. Operators are standing by!

0 thoughts on “Crazy wildlife alert: Deer spotted at 14th & Fir

  1. Oh dear… (couldn’t resist)

    Great picture, I wouldn’t have believed it either. Nature rocks.

  2. Just last week I saw a dear at my dad’s house in the Norkirk area of Kirkland (less than a mile from downtown kirkland). He has lived there for over 15 years and neither of use have ever seen deer in this area. I wonder if there is something causing this (weather) or they are just random occurrences.

  3. My friend spotted it around Marion and 25th at 2am last night. How does a deer get to the CD?

  4. Gambols along the 520 to the Lake Washington exit, then frolics through the arboretum? ; )

  5. I dearly hope the lil’ buddy doesn’t get hit by a car. He looks strong and healthy! Go dude go!

  6. @ Spiffy D – Respect for the pun! Nice.

    @ Lucklier – ROFLMAO! You are probably exactly correct!

  7. Hopefully none of our squirrel-hating neighbors will be leaving poison around for the deer.

  8. I nearly hit one on Beacon Ave early one morning some years ago….
    There’s more and more wildlife moving in. Coyotes spotted in the Arboretum and even at the Miller Playfield, cougars in Discovery Park and on the Microsoft campus, bobcat in Renton (I’ve seen the photo of one looking into someones house at her kitties) the rumor of a bear spotted in the south MLK area – not to mention the absolute proliferation of bunnies, raccoons and possums.

  9. The deer was spotted at MLK and S McClellan street this morning about 8:30 a.m.

  10. More than likely came up from the south along some of our trail systems. Interurban to Cheif Sealth would bring it straight to Beacon Hill.

  11. The two beautiful deer graced our Night Out with their presence last night. They seem to have come up from the park @ Irving & Yakima. The came towards our party, on the north side of Judkins, but decided to head up the hill towards 30th. Within a few minutes, they were heading back down the hill, with 30th Ave parties on their trail.

    They hung around for quite a while on the east side of Yakima, between Judkins & Irving, but eventually headed back towards the park.

    I’ll see if I can get ahold of a picture or two…it was the ONE time I didn’t have my cell phone with me. I was so close to home, I didn’t think I’d need it!

  12. 10/30 about 6:30pm — walked up a driveway on Terrace St. near 35th. Stood around for a while. When I went to tell someone else about it, the animal left but we couldn’t tell in which direction.