0 thoughts on “Property Damage

  1. This didn’t look like 911, but does anyone know what was going on at 34th between Marion and Columbia yesterday evening? My neighbors say they saw an arrest on the block, and there were two police cars (empty) parked on the block for much of the evening (they left maybe around 10:30).

  2. I think I’ve seen those kids around before. While I totally want to encourage street sport, you can’t do it when you’re being a reckless ass. They were filming themselves grinding along some curved benches in our neighborhood, benches which are now raw metal and completely ruined. They were brand new.

    I went out front and gave them the glare – then made a show of calling a friend of mine. I hoped that this would scare them off and make them think twice about doing it elsewhere. They certainly left the area lickety-split.

  3. Does anyone know what was going on Sunday around 4PM Dearborn and I-90. Many emergency vehicles and Dearborn blocked off at Rainier. Lots of noise, but nothing in paper or on CDNews.