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Metro decides on #3/4 stop consolidation – 10 eliminated

CDNews member Gracie left a comment noting that Metro has made their decision on bus stop consolidation for the #3/4 routes, and will be closing 10 different stops here in the Central District. The changes will go into effect next Saturday, June 26th.

Out of the 12 stops that were proposed for closure, only the stops around 34th & Cherry will be kept. 

Note that the changes along 23rd, such as the removal of the stops at 23rd & S. King Street, will also affect the #48 route.

Metro says the changes will reduce costs and improve service for most riders. Their web page on the topic says that “When the project is completed, all riders should have a faster, more reliable trip.”

Here’s the final list of stops that will get the ax:

  • 26th S. & S. Judkins (northbound)
  • 26th S. & S. Charles (northbound)
  • 23rd S. & S. King (northbound & southbound)
  • 29th & E. Cherry (eastbound)
  • 30th & E. Cherry (westbound)
  • 26th & E. Cherry (westbound)
  • 21st & E. Cherry (eastbound)
  • 16th & Jefferson (eastbound)
  • 14th & Jefferson (westbound)

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