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House fire near 22nd & Union

We’re at the scene of a house fire in the 1400 block of 22nd, across the street from Cappy’s Gym.

Fire fighters appear to have brought under control very quickly, and it’s now described as under control.

A firefighter uses an ax to break out a 2nd floor window

Smoke pours out of the window once firefighters break through

Water shoots out of the window as crews get it the fire under control

0 thoughts on “House fire near 22nd & Union

  1. The real tragedy of Wallingford was not made by SFD. Helen tried airing out the house of smoke, but the increased oxygen level caused the explosion/expansion of the fire that made it impossible for anyone remaining in the house to survive. Eyerusale made the mistake of going into a bathroom with the children rather than follow her sister Helen through the fire to safety.

    SFD has announced its intention to do greater outreach to the immigrant community so that this tragedy is not repeated.