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Diaz now the official top cop in Seattle

This morning Mayor McGinn made it official: Interim Police Chief Diaz gets to remove the interim from his title and will now officially take over as the leader of Seattle’s Police Department.

Congrats to him.

And this seems like good news for us in the Central District too, as new outside leadership would have been more likely to reshuffle things throughout the department, creating churn here in the East Precinct when Captain Dermody is just getting started as commander there.

The big loser in all of this is pretty obviously City Attorney Pete Holmes, who last week went on a big public campaign against Diaz, saying that the department needed new non-Diaz leadership. We spoke to people in the city legal world who were mystified why he would do that if there was still a good chance that Diaz would get the job. But now Diaz is the man, and Holmes will have to work with him every day, realizing that no one else at city hall seemed to care for his previous input on the matter.

And in other police news, tonight is the monthly East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition meeting, which is your chance to talk to police leaders about the crime issues affecting your part of the neighborhood.

0 thoughts on “Diaz now the official top cop in Seattle

  1. As I (hazily) recall, Police Chief Diaz was Captain of the East Precinct at some time during Miller Park’s long struggle with the denizens of East Madison Street.

    He’s the 3rd such East Precinct Captain to become a Police Chief, after Landy Black (Davis, CA) and Mike Meehan (Berkeley, CA).

    I infer that if they’re ready for us, they’re ready for anything!

  2. I for one an happy that the decision is made. I’m fine with it. The ‘interim’ title has been active too long.