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Crime survey shows DMI reduced impact of nuisance crimes

As we reported two weeks ago, neighbors around 23rd & Union say that problems are increasing again after a period of decline following the Drug Market Initiative last summer. But a large survey recently completed by the city shows that there may be some lasting benefits in terms of nuisance crimes around the neighborhood.

The new survey was a follow-up to one completed last August, and compiles responses from about 200 residents within a few blocks of the 23rd Avenue corridor. The forty survey questions attempt to measure community perceptions of crime and safety in the neighborhood.

The surveys show significant declines in whether the community thinks a whole range of non-life-threatening nuisance crimes are “major problems” in the neighborhood:

However, more serious crimes show a mixed picture. Apart from a big drop in perceived impact of shootings and small decrease for stolen vehicles, robberies, assaults, and burglaries are all perceived to be more of a “major problem” this year than last:

Other interesting stats from the survey:

  2009 2010
Regularly see drug deals 77% 55%
Feel safe in my home most of the time 85% 90%
Feel safe walking alone in daylight most of the time 86% 87%
Feel safe walking alone at night most of the time 34% 34%
Police treat people in neighborhood with respect 61% 63%
Believe police should spend more time enforcing drug laws 72% 70%
Never heard about DMI 84% 45%

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  1. What a surprise, a bunch of drug dealers aren’t interested in ‘job training’.