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BOOM recap: banners, summer festival and walking maps

Those colorful banners that adorn the utility poles of neighborhoods around Seattle are coming to Madrona, thanks to grant funding from the city.

That news was one of the highlights of the June meeting of BOOM (Business Owners of Madrona) today, along with updates on the Madrona summer festival and plans for the revised version of last year’s walking map and business directory.

The proposal for the banners (if you don’t know what they look like, the Office of Economic Development has a good description) was the only one of four recently submitted to receive money, but it was met with approval from the group. Madrona will be able to place 20 banners up Union Street and along 34th Ave as far south as Cherry. They will ideally be implemented by fall, though BOOM has not yet settled on a design.

The Madrona 34th and Union Street Festival, set for Saturday, July 24, is coming together as well. Expect to see posters for that event, which will include bands, food and tents for local businesses, going up in about a month.

Finally, the updated edition of the Madrona walking map and business directory brochure will be out within the month. Longer term, BOOM is seeking funding to install a kiosk on the corner of 34th and Union to house the brochures and a historical marker. 

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  1. Many parts of the neighborhood are also included in Feet First’s excellent walking map of the Central District, located online here:

    You can find already-printed copies at the Douglass Truth library branch on Yesler as well.