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A good weekend to try the new breakfast options in the CD

Whenever we’ve talked about new businesses on CDNews, one of the most frequent requests is for places to grab a breakfast. We’re coming to the end of the first full month that we’ve had two new weekend brunch options in the neighborhood, each of them sponsors of

Here’s what we’ve had at each:

All Purpose Pizza – We had the eggs benedict, with a really good sauce, perfectly cooked eggs, and one of the rare breakfast fruit assemblies that we’ve actually wanted to eat vs. just look at. Only complaint was the type of potatoes included (new, roasted), but we’re very picky about breakfast and spuds. (breakfast served 9am-1:30pm)

Twilight Exit – I’ve had probably the best bloody mary ever at the new Twilight breakfast. Wonderfully spicy, topped with pickled asparagus, and with just the right amount of booze. For a meal I had the biscuits and gravy, which was delicious both times. (breakfast served 10am – 2pm)

One thing to be aware of is that neither spot does espresso drinks, so grab those on the way if they’re a mandatory part of your morning routine.

And if you’ve tried either, please leave your reviews at the links above.

Two other places in the neighborhood with breakfast that we’ve not made it to yet:

Charlie’s Flame Broiled Burgers

El Mestizo

Let us know what you think of each!

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  1. We saw this post on Saturday morning and walked over to All-Purpose to try the brunch.

    I had the traditional benedict, my partner one of the breakfast pizzas. I can’t speak for the pizza, but I can say the benedict was really good and I liked the potatoes very much. My coffee was just fine.

    It was a great place to watch the soccer game and have breakfast, so I hope they’re able to make this work out.