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Who knew? Lots of neighborhood art by Coyote Central

We’ve got a lot of public art around the neighborhood, but until we spoke to Coyote Central last week about their purchase of the 23rd & Cherry building, we had no idea how much of the neighborhood art that one organization was responsible for.

In addition to the tilework around the outside of their new building, Coyote Central has produced the tile totems in the small park at MLK & Cherry:

The recently added concrete benches at the northwest corner of Powell Barnett park:

The entranceway to Flo Ware Park:

The tilework around the Medgar Evers Pool:

The Millenium Tree sculpture outside the Garfield Community Center:

You can see the full list of Coyote Central’s work on their new website.

0 thoughts on “Who knew? Lots of neighborhood art by Coyote Central

  1. The images of public art in the first photo are located at MLK & Cherry NOT Union.