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Seattle U expecting largest ever freshman class in fall

It looks like Seattle University may need those extra offices in the historic Coca Cola building. A member of the faculty forwarded us an email announcing that the University is expecting its largest ever freshman class to start in the fall 2010 semester.

From the email written by school Provost Isiaah Crawford:

As many of you have heard, Seattle University anticipates welcoming its largest class of first-year students in its history in fall 2010.  While a number of our deposited first-year students and their families will make their final decisions about attending the university over the summer and we do not yet know what our final fall enrollment numbers will be, we estimate we will greet approximately 1,075 new first-year students this fall.

The estimate of 1,075 new freshmen in 2010 compares to 908 which started in the fall of 2009, and 4,306 current undergraduate students.

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  1. My daughter is a junior and i didnt realize just how big the enrollment was……does this mean that the tuition rates will go down ????? I know, wishful thinking on my behalf…..