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Metro proposing twelve fewer stops for #3, #4 buses

We got a note today from Metro that announces a new program of stop consolidation for the #3 & #4 bus routes, eliminating 12 stops here in the Central District.

Metro says the changes will improve service times and reduce operating costs on the routes.

The following stops would be cut under the plan:

  • 26th S. & S. Judkins (northbound)
  • 26th S. & S. Charles (northbound)
  • 23rd S. & S. King (northbound & southbound)
  • 33rd & E. Cherry (eastbound)
  • 34th & E. Cherry (southbound)
  • 29th & E. Cherry (eastbound)
  • 30th & E. Cherry (westbound)
  • 26th & E. Cherry (westbound)
  • 21st & E. Cherry (eastbound)
  • 16th & Jefferson (eastbound)
  • 14th & Jefferson (westbound)

If there’s one of those that you can’t do without, you’ve got until June 11th to leave a comment. You can do it online at Metro’s site at

0 thoughts on “Metro proposing twelve fewer stops for #3, #4 buses

  1. For keeping us up to date on transit issues in the neighborhood. It’s very helpful.

  2. they could cut some stops, but the stops on cherry seems strange. from 34th to mlk, you’ve pretty much cut all but 2 stops. the 26th stop is super popular. the stops on jefferson are what get a bit over the top

  3. are the remaining stops? For instance what is the stop nearest the one on 21st and Cherry? As an occasional rider of the #3 I don’t have the stops memorized. While there is one at 21st and Jefferson, the distance between that one and the next one eastbound would be quite a hike if they eliminated the one on 21st and Cherry, right?

  4. The 3 doesn’t stop at 21st & Jefferson going east, only the 4 does. The 3 stops at at 19th & Jefferson and 21st & James. I think it’s the proximity of the 21st & James stop one block away from Cherry & 21st that makes them suggest removing it. I get off at Cherry & 21st and I’ve only seen someone else getting off there once or twice. Never seen someone getting on. I honestly wouldn’t be that inconvenienced by having to walk another block on top of the four blocks I already walk from that stop.

  5. I’m sure this is completely politically incorrect, but I’d like to see Metro add a 3 or 4 downtown express that stops only at major crossroads and can get from 17th and Jefferson to downtown much faster at peak times. Stops at 23rd, 17th, 12th, Boren, and downtown, for example.

    Between detox, social services, another detox, Harborview (with multiple wheelchairs on and off) the food bank, juvenile detention, two courts and the jail, a peak time trip from 17th to downtown can take 25 minutes!

    BTW, the 16th Ave stop was eliminated nearly a year ago, so it does not belong on the list of stops to be eliminated.

  6. fewer stops should not be just limited to the #3 & #4, it should also be imposed on the #14 & #27. i ride both of these routes, mainly the #14, and i am amazed that it stops every other block. between 20th and 23rd there are 3 stops…completely unnecessary!

  7. how is that politically incorrect?

    i agree. it’s remarkably insufficient. makes people avoid taking it.

  8. Bruce, I think some would call it un-PC because my remarks could be interpreted as calling for fewer services for the people whose destination IS those public services. But that’s not the only constituency for these routes, and I submit the commuters on the route are being ill-served when the bus makes all those stops.

  9. Ok, there may be too many stops, but where is the one next east bound stop after 21st and James? Maybe the 21st and James stop should be eliminated in favor of the 21st and Cherry. I am a bit disturbed regarding the hostility toward many of the stops. Get a good book or puzzle for your ride. With owr without such entertainment your ride to downtown is very reasonable.

  10. Metro has an express #2 service for QA residents. Asking for express 3/4 service for Madrona/CD/etc. residents doesn’t seem politically incorrect to me.

  11. You recently contacted King County Metro Transit about the Route 3+4 corridor stop spacing project. Metro will increase the stop spacing by removing closely spaced bus stops along the corridor in order to improve schedule reliability, reduce energy consumption, and reduce Metro’s operating cost.

    After considering input from transit riders, some changes have been made to the plan. These changes include:

    Taylor Ave N at Galer St and Garfield St: The northbound stop at Galer St and the southbound stop at Garfield St will remain open.

    E Cherry St at 33rd and 34th Avenue: The eastbound stop on E Cherry St at 33rd Ave and the southbound stop on 34th Ave and E Cherry St will remain open.

    These changes will go into effect on June 26, 2010. The Route 3+4 stop spacing project website ( and rider alerts are up to date. If you use a stop that will be closed, please refer to the rider alert that is posted at the stop for alternative boarding locations.