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Marjorie opens today: get a sneak peek inside and at menu

Marjories is set to open its doors on May 18 at 5 pm at 1412 East Union.  We had a chance to attend a friends and family event over the weekend.  Below are some photos and the dinner and dessert menus.  

The garage door and cozy patio allow for nice flow


Tagliatelle with Fava Beans

Chef Kylen McCarthy confers with a guest



To begin with…  

Farmstead Butter  3

demi baguette, fleur de sel 

Castelvetrano Olives  7

fennel seed, orange, chiles 

Soup  7

chef’s choice  Anson Mills Grits  8

mushrooms, braised pork 

Tabouleh  9

quinoa, huacatay, caviar 

Artichokes   10

arugula, fava bean, saba 

Burrata   12

balsamic, basil Miss Marjorie’s Plantain Chips  10

chaat spice, pineapple, avocado 

Hamachi  16

smoked salt, cucumber, lavendar 

House Terrine   9

house pickles, grain mustard 

Artisanal Ham   14

featured ham selection Charcuterie Plate  18

selection of meats Fromage

selection of raw milk cheeses  16

by the ounce  MP         

…moving on to…  


sheeps milk ricotta, summer truffle  12

add artisanal ham  3 

Asparagus   12

walnuts, feta Eggplant  13

yogurt, Bottarga …from the sea… Gulf Prawns  17

creamy grits, braised greens 

Mackerel  17

carrot, pomegranate, chermoula 

Scallops  20

lobster, mussels, saffron 

…to the land… Tikka Masala  15

poussin, naan Rabbit  17

chef’s choice  Sirloin 20

fried onion, pepper mignonette  


…and to finish 

Anise cookies  8

earl grey, orange flower, citrus Olive oil-lemon cake  8strawberry, pistachio Chocolate-coffee tart  8

caramel, peanuts, coconut Bread Pudding  8

brioche, toffee Fromage  4/16 a plate of four or by the ounce     

Taylor Cheney-sous chef

Manda Mangria- consulting pastry chef 

0 thoughts on “Marjorie opens today: get a sneak peek inside and at menu

  1. I’m excited to see it reopen but apparently with the new digs come higher prices-which is sad. I hate to see much anticipated restaurants open and then close due to overly expensive ($9 Tabouleh appetizer?) menu items. Ill support her, but i think many others won’t–save for happy hour.

    Also it does seem like an odd spot for a restaurant–it appears to be in the building most often intended for communal/clubhouse use in such a development. I am curious why it landed with its exhaust system there instead of the gym across from Martin’s.

  2. Not necessarily overpriced if the food is good enough. I’m looking forward to checking it out. Looks like a nice cozy space, but it does seem like they’d get a lot more walk-by traffic if they were in one of those spaces out on 14th. I guess they’re figuring their clientelle are more likely to come via word of mouth anyway.

  3. Sorry about that. I have chrome & the photos were resolving fine – but was not working in Firefox & IE.

  4. There’d probably be more visibility and foot traffic on 14th, but the free standing building is much cuter, and it allows for outdoor seating. If the restaurant is as good as I’m hoping, I don’t think anyone in the neighborhood will have a hard time finding it.

    I agree that the $7 olives and $9 tabouleh seem a little steep, for starters like those, I’d rather see half-sized portions at half the price, but it’s hard to judge without giving it a try first. Hopefully I’ll get to do that this week.

  5. At the first design review meeting for this building, the developers claimed that Union had most of the foot traffic, and hence the building should be oriented that way, rather than toward 14th. I commented that their observation was clearly not right, that the foot traffic was actually mostly on 14th, etc, but they stuck with it facing Union.