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New deli coming to 18th & Jackson

Neighbors in Jackson Place and the southwest corner of Squire Park will soon have a new option for sandwiches, deli meat, and other convenience-store staples.

We spoke to CADA CEO George Staggers over the weekend, who confirmed that they’ve leased the empty corner spot in their new building at 18th & Jackson. A deli will be moving in there later in the summer.

If you want to get a better idea of what they’ll be offering in the new store, head on over to 12th & Columbia. That’s where the family that runs the business has operated the New Town Market Home Style Deli for the last 8 years.

The new deli joins Immortal Dog (CDNews sponsors) and the soon-to-open Cheeky Cafe as the main tenants of the building’s retail space.

0 thoughts on “New deli coming to 18th & Jackson

  1. new town market is a decent bodega. they have good sandwiches (Boar’s Head, woot!), but it seriously takes 10 minutes to get one sandwich. The owner makes them one-handed while talking on the phone to his home country. Hurry up and wait, Jackson St.

  2. we need a place in the neighborhood with a “quick” decent sandwich (although it seems like quick may not be so true), so I’m glad to see something like this going in. I used to walk to the one on 12th when I lived closer that way to pick up some decent cheap wine too.

  3. Thank goodness they are finally putting places to eat down there. For the prices they’re charging in rent, people need options.

  4. Daved, give it a rest already. How is a corner deli gentrification? What would you rather see happen? Seriously?

  5. I think the word is xenophobic…Cynic mentioned the owner’s foreignness, not his race.