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Burglary Update: $18,363 stolen in 21 incidents

We’ve completed an analysis of the last month of Burglary reports on, and have found that $18,363 was stolen since the end of March. That’s almost the same level of burglaries we saw last month.

Here’s the details:

  • 4/15/2010 – 1400 31st Ave – $2250 stolen – Suspect used a shovel to pry open a front door, stole a computer monitor
  • 4/2/10 6:58 – 200 29th Ave S – Previously evicted tenants broke back in, offered police sex when they responded to investigate
  • 4/18/10 11:27am – 1800 E Marion – $1505 stolen – Former employee broke into business and stole 20 checks, cashed 3
  • 4/9/10 10:00pm – 900 21st Ave – Someone used a ladder to reach an upper story window, pull it off, rumage through doors, and then leave through the back door. Nothing taken
  • 4/19/10 8:30am – 700 18th Ave – $1000 stolen – Laptop stolen from upstairs bedroom, possibly by someone using a ladder or an acquaintance who had a key
  • 4/7/2010 10:31am – 1700 S. Main – $400 – Woman was sleeping when she heard several loud bangs, and found that someone hadbroken her bedroom apartment. Doesn’t appear that anyone entered the house
  • 3/30/10 6:20 – 1700 S. Jackson – Man was asleep in his apartment bedroom when he heard a male voice outside the bedroom door. The door opened and a male voice said “Oh shit, there’s someone in here” and then ran out. Nothing else appeard out of place
  • 4/2/2010 06:00pm – 2000 S. Weller – Home was broken into while owner was away fro several days. Nothing taken
  • 4/12/2010 07:00pm – 2800 E. Madison – $3250 – Someone stole furniture out of the common area of a commercial building
  • 3/29/2010 09:00pm – 800 33rd Ave – Detached garage was entered overnight and inside of vehicle ransacked, but there was nothing of value to be taken
  • 4/21/2010 12:01am – 300 32nd Ave E – $250 – Someone forced security bars off of bedroom window, stole various items
  • 4/12/10 8:00 – 100 34th Ave E – $300 – Suspect used a shovel to pry open a front door, stole a computer monitor
  • 4/13/10 4:07 – 200 32nd Ave S – Man was asleep when he heard someone in apartment. He then saw multiple shadows and a man peaked his head around the corner. Something was whispered and they ran away. “Entry was most likely through an unlocked door”
  • 4/2/10 6:58 – 200 29th Ave S – Previously evicted tenants broke back in, offered police sex when they responded to investigate
  • 3/31/10 8:00 – 300 MLK Way S – Someone broke into back door of residence while owner was at work. Nothing taken
  • 3/30/2010 6:28pm – 300 28th Ave S – Suspects tried to kick in front door but it was reinforced and held
  • 4/13/2010 10:29am – 2600 S. King Alarm – was set off by someone breaking a window latch on the side of the house.
  • 3/28/2010 08:07pm – 500 26th Ave S – $300 – Someone kicked in the front door, but suspects fled when the alarm went off
  • 4/2/2010 09:00pm – 500 28th Ave S – $775 – Residents were away overnight and someone broke a window to enter the house, stealing DVD, playstation, and jewelry
  • 4/1/2010 06:00pm – 700 MLK S  – $600 – Basement door of rental property was kicked in and a bike stolen
  • 4/15/2010 3:00pm – 2800 S. Judkins – Woman found someone had damaged front door lock but didn’t get in
  • 3/28/2010 08:17pm – 900 33rd Ave S  – $6503 – Residents were out of town when someone entered and stole a variety of expensive jewelry
  • 4/23/2010 12:21pm – 1300 Lake Washington Blvd S – $1230 – Woman responded to call from her alarm company, and when she entered house she heard someone upstairs. She then saw them jump out and run through the backyard, and escape down the I-90 pedestrian tunnel. Entrance was made through busted-in basement door. Several laptops taken.

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  1. Hi Scott, very handy burglary report! I am a home buyer and am considering some houses around CD neighborhood to buy (close to Garfield High School). You’ve been living in CD for 10 years, what do you think? 21 burglary in one month seems very scary :~(

  2. That’s 21 burglaries among a population of ~20,000, so it’s not very high. And you’ll find burglaries are a problem in every part of the city, at about the same rate. And notice how many of the burglaries above involved no force. The best way to prevent a burglary is to lock your doors, lock your windows, keep expensive portable electronics out of view, and turn on your alarm.

    Here’s a map of burglaries in the last month citywide: