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Batten down the hatches – big winds expected tomorrow

I’m pretty sure that if we write about the possibility of a big storm, it will probably end up fizzling out. But we trust weather blogger Cliff Mass, so we’ll raise the warning flag anyway:

An unusually strong spring storm is approaching and will hit tomorrow. It could end up being the strongest winds in several months for the Northwest lowlands. And we have the added complication of some trees starting to leaf out–which makes them more vulnerable to a strong blow. …

The largest pressure gradient and strongest winds will be later in the afternoon…not the morning…for Seattle and vicinity. What kind of winds? Would not be surprised to see 40-60 kts over Puget Sound and 20-40 kts over land. Expect some power outages.

See Cliff’s site for pretty colored maps and more details.

We’ll have our CDNews Storm Trackers Team ™ ready to go and will keep you up to date if it does hit.

And we can always use your help too. If you have problems like a power outage, fallen trees, or other issues, email us at [email protected], tweet us @cdnews, or call the CDNewsDesk(tm) at 206-926-3537. Then we can track the issue and help communicate repair estimates out to the neighborhood.

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  1. With the SPU pick-up today in our area, your containers are probably empty and therefore not very heavy. What has worked for me is to put the garbage can inside the recycle can; that keeps them both under control.