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Zoning change, more density requested for First Place School

The city planning department has posted a land use application that asks for a rezone of the parking lot owned by First Place School, which operates their programs in an old synagogue building in the heart of the Central District. The lot was purchased from the city for $1.9 million in 2001. UPDATE: This post has been updated. Location information for the facility has been obfuscated due to privacy concerns.

The requested change from L1 to L3 would allow increased height and density on the block:

  • L1 is designed for townhouses and cottages, where as L3 allows low-rise apartment buildings
  • L3 allows 16 units on the lot, vs 8 units in L1
  • 3 full stories with 5′ pitched roof, vs. 2 full stories with a 10′ roof
  • Reduced rear setback of 15% of lot depth, vs 20% currently
  • Max building width of 75′, vs 60′ currently

The application notes that the use would stay as a parking lot for now.

We placed a call to First Place to get details on their reason for the rezone, but have not yet heard back. We’ll update this story if we do.

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  1. I live across the street from this site. The proposal is for the construction of a 28-unit low-income multi-family apartment project with office and daycare on the first floor and approximately 35 below-grade parking spaces. L3 allows for a two to three story apartment complex with a fourth story allowed if it includes low income housing.

    This amounts to a rather massive change for this neighborhood. 28 units could bring up to another 50 residents, possibly more. I have a meeting with the developer on Friday and will report back with my findings.

    Link to DPD permit:

  2. Thank you so much for getting that information. How can i join the Fir street neighborhood group? I drove past their the other day and was wondering what was going on. It’s so important to take ownership of our neighborhoods. Please post any and all information on this as I and I am sure others will benefit from your findings. Thanks for taking the time to research this and meet with the developers. Keep us informed!
    Thank You

  3. I live in the white house bordering this parking lot to the south, I talked to someone last week from First Place school. He said his plan was something in conjunction with Catholic services to provide low income housing. They initially wanted to build this project on the lot which is below the school (to the west) but the current owners of that property were asking too much. Now they are trying to do this project in the parking lot.

    The argument being made to the city about the change is everywhere on the block is L3 except for the school and the parking lot (which are zoned L1) so in fairness and consistency the parking lot should also be zoned as L3. He seemed aloof to talking about specifics about the plan.

    Does anyone else on the block want to meet up to talk about this change? I would be willing to host my place Saturday or Sunday morning.

    JonathanUrsin /at/ gmail /dot/ /com/

  4. Why on earth do you need anywhere near that much parking? That’s more than a spot a unit!