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Urban Chickens

The Capitol Hill blog has a post about a “coop building party” on Cherry Hill this weekend. Sounds like a good way to learn more about having chickens in your own yard, and learn how to build a chicken coop.

It will be at the Cherry Hill Farm, located at 1127 15th Ave

Saturday, from 9am to 9pm, show up any time


Here’s the CHS post:

0 thoughts on “Urban Chickens

  1. although I wouldn’t want them myself, our neighbors have chickens and I love hearing them clucking and chuckling…it sounds so ~ well, so calming and contented….but it really cracks me up when they get into a yelling match with another neighbor’s little yappy dog – they can’t see each other, but…. :)

  2. Our neighbor also has chickens (maybe the same neighbor?) and I also love going outside and listen to them cluck away. I grew up on a farm – hearing that sound is very zen for me. Love it.

  3. There are 4 people on our block that have chickens (including us). Our neighbor likes the sound too as it reminds her of Costa Rica. We like how beautiful the birds are and the eggs are more amazing than anything you will eat from a store.

  4. My neighbor has chickens, and though I can see the appeal, I guess, I have to admit I HATE THEM. no, that’s not true. I intensely dislike having them next to my bedroom window. I don’t find calming or soothing. The constant noise is irritating and disruptive. I get along with my neighbors, they are wonderful people, I just don’t share their appreciation of their talkative pets. I’m not trying to stare a great debate, or (pardon the pun) ruffle anyone’s feathers, I’m just pointing out that not everyone is in favor of urbanized cluckers. All I’m asking for is that we all show each other a little consideration. (Did I mention I’m not a morning person? :)