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Support your neighbor- great salon, great service & donates to charity-$10 Tuesdays

The Gustav Mendoza Salon is helping a great cause in the Identification of landmines. The salon is promoting Crazy Tuesdays which offers world class haircuts for $10.00. And for every haircut Gustav is donating $2.00 to the Mine Seekers and the Sole of Africa project.

Until now, the removal of these deadly menaces has been slow and costly, mainly due to the time it takes to locate their position, whether buried in the ground or hidden in the undergrowth, it can take hours to locate just one.

Currently, it is estimated that it costs $3 USD to make one landmine and $1,000 to locate and remove it.It could take up to 600 years to completely rid them from our planet. 


The facts surrounding landmines are best estimates, the truth of the matter is we simply do not know where or how many of these devices are below the ground.

100 million landmines on the planet.

The last estimates provided by the United Nations and anti-landmine organizations estimate this figure. As landmines are still in use today, it is impossible to give an accurate number.

Every 19 minutes someone is affected

Statistics show that a person, normally a civilian – a mother or child is involved in a landmine incident.

It could take 600 years to clear the planet

Using the existing technology available it would take this amount of time to ensure that the land that is known to be mined, is cleared.

Thank you for your time and please forward this email to anyone who you think needs to look good and feel better. We look forward to seeing you soon.

or Call Gustav at 206.390.4050

Please watch this video to understand the meaning of your haircut and donation.

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  1. Saw the story and made an appointment today. Best thing I ever did. Gustavo is professional and knowledgable about hair. His social concern is admirable. It’s worth the visit just to see the beautifully restored home they have. For ten bucks you would think there was room for error = NOT. I am going back and would encourage anyone else to go also.