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Seattle Times: Accused cop killer goes on courtroom tirade

Our friends at The Seattle Times were in the courtroom yesterday when Christopher Monfort, accused in the 10/31 murder of Officer Tim Brenton, launched into a rambling five minute speech against police abuses. It appears to confirm that a King County deputy’s jail cell beating of a teenage girl was a possible motivation in the crime, as has been alleged by prosecutors:

In his first public comments since his arrest Nov. 6, Monfort compared the former deputy, Paul Schene, and another deputy also present in the holding cell to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin.

Monfort said society depends on the police to “protect us from the police as well.”

“If the police are wrong, we depend on the police to cross the blue line of silence and apprehend, detain and file charges against those police who are corrupt,” said Monfort in a rambling discourse that took place before the judge entered the courtroom.

Prosecutors have alleged it was anger at Schene and the holding-cell incident that drove Monfort to kill Brenton and to firebomb four Seattle police vehicles nine days earlier.

Prosecutors are currently in the process of deciding whether to pursue the death penalty against Monfort in the case. That decision is expected in June.

Read more at The Seattle Times.

0 thoughts on “Seattle Times: Accused cop killer goes on courtroom tirade

  1. Has anyone seen the movie “Law Abiding Citizen”? I like that approach for this guy. I’m telling you, if you do this a few times, the violence against police will stop abrubtly.

  2. he has no right to talk and i don’t want to listen…just be done with him…i agree with you jimbob

  3. Sorry guys. I know you like the whole “Let’s ignore justice when we feel like it,” but that’s not how it works. He actually does have a right to talk. And believe it or not, everyone accused of a crime is supposed to be allowed a fair trial. Do not let the nature of the crime color your view of who the guilty party is. They caught (and shot) a guy. Don’t gnash your teeth until the facts have been presented.

  4. It’s interesting that he had no problem justifying his crime, via his rant, in front of the widow of his victim, but clammed up when the notoriously crabby Judge Kessler arrived.