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Reader asks: What’s up with the vacant lot at MLK & Union?

CDNews reader SW emailed us and asked:

Can you tell me what the story is with the vacant lot across from Grocery Outlet?Just curious, wondering about gardening there. 

That vacant lot on the southwest corner of the intersection there is owned by Marty Liebowitz of The Madrona Company. He’s a neighborhood developer who’s work you’ll probably recognize in the Bowling Green apartments in Madrona, or the Yesler Mews development in the 100 block of 22nd Ave.

Marty also owns the old green apartment building next door, and has plans to build a new mixed-use development on the property. Like many large projects, it’s currently on hold pending an improvement in the credit markets. We ran into Mr. Liebowitz at a meeting a couple of weeks ago, and he said that while there’s no certain start date, but he’s hopeful that things will improve in the second half of this year.

Anyone with ideas for the property in the meantime can contact Marty at his website:

0 thoughts on “Reader asks: What’s up with the vacant lot at MLK & Union?

  1. We are proud to list Marty @ Madrona Company as the Builder of Tempus Fugit @ 25th & E John. You know, the brightly painted townhouses with the sideways windows. He is a great guy, great builder and stands behind his work! Anything he does at MLK & Union will be a fine addition to the neighborhood.

  2. Marty’s also heavily involved in the community and in neighborhood development, as is his son (and colleague).

    I agree 100+%.