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PI: Assault last week was gang-related

With the temporary outage of the scanner, it’s been a week since we had any crime news. Here’s some cd-relevant info about an assault last week, as reported by the PI:

About 6:30 p.m., a man was sitting in the parking lot of the Midtown Center in the 1100 block of 23rd Avenue. Two others were in the vehicle, and one tried to back it out of a parking space. Another car blocked their path and began yelling after a request to move.

An argument ensued and one of the men in the car trying to exit was punched in the face, according to police. A woman there tried to call 911, but had the phone slapped from her hand.

“During the argument, the three suspects made statements with words to the effect of, ‘This is union St’ and ‘do you know where you are, this is union,'” officer Steven Bale wrote in his report.

The police report says the incident may have been related to the “Union Street BGD” gang, which is a new one for us.

Stay tuned for the return of the scanner this coming Monday…

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  1. Does anybody know when this happened? I saw that the police blog posted it today (3/10) at about 1pm. It says the incident happened at 6:30pm, but I can’t find information about the day that this happened anywhere (aside from Scott’s comment of ‘last week’).

    Glad to hear that the police are aware of the latest gangs and some of their activities.

  2. During your temporary outage, the police seemed to relax about broadcasting information in the East Precinct. Do you suppose that they keep track of whether or not you are blogging that day, and have different procedures in the case that you are?

  3. is the Union Street Black Gangster Disciples or something close. I think, and could be mistaken (hey, it happens!), they predate the Union Street Hustlers. Perhaps some gangsta or wannabe will comment and enlighten us.

  4. It is ironic that one of our more troubled blocks is the same one that houses the SPD Drop-In Center. I have never once seen anyone in there – what is the point, really? Is there any chance that SPD might use the space to deter criminal activity on the block?

  5. It’s a place for the SPD to have a local, eyes-on-the-street location to take breaks, do paperwork, have meetings, etc. It is used frequently, but sometimes it’s hard to tell whether anyone is there or not. There may or may not be patrol cars visibly parked in the area.

    It’s also used by the GOTS program and occasional other events.

  6. I saw a lady sitting at the drop in center, it looked as if there was information to be had on the table, and free cookies. Is this a volunteer thing? While waiting for the light to change, I pondered that this is good use, and a good thing. Hand out free cookies, make community, make a presence that is positive if the police aren’t going to. Does anyone have knowledge as to what she was doing, what this is?

  7. Actually, I’ve seen 3 cop cars in front of the drop in every time I’ve driven by in the last few weeks (only on occasion for me). I was beginning to wonder if they were actually using it?

  8. This is the GOTS (Get Off the Streets) program referred to above. It is run by Seattle Neighborhood Group and was initiated by then-Lt. John Hayes (now Director John Hayes) of the SPD at 23rd and Madison. It moved to 23rd and Union several years ago when the drug scene at 23&Mad was dismantled.

    SNG has a table in front of the Drop-in Center on Wednesday afternoons 1:30-3:00 with information on housing, drug treatment, and other social services, plus the snacks you saw. It is a low-key way to provide this info to people who would hesitate or feel uncomfortable to seek it in a more formal setting.

  9. I’ve seen that too … and, at the same time, a thriving drug trade in the Key Bank parking lot/24th Ave corner.