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Philadelphia Cheese Steak victim files suit against Corrections

Yoseb Lee, a survivor of Rey Davis-Bell’s deadly shooting spree at Philadelphia Cheese Steak two years ago, has filed a $2M law suit against the Washington State Department of Corrections for negligent supervision of Davis-Bell.  Yoseb Lee states that he has been unable to continue his painting business, as a result of injuries he suffered attempting to buy sandwiches on that fateful day in January 2008.  Last month, Davis-Bill was convicted of one count of first-degree murder for his murder of Degene Berecha, Philadelphia Cheese Steak’s owner, who had confronted and expelled Davis-Bell for selling drugs in his store.  Davis-Bell was also found guilty of three counts of attempted murder.

0 thoughts on “Philadelphia Cheese Steak victim files suit against Corrections

  1. Good for him, I hope he wins. Time to crack down on these thugs. A couple of hard working immigrants come to this country and make better lives for themselves only to get shot by this lazy POS who probably doesn’t know what a honest day’s work is like.

  2. While I feel for him, I can hardly say “Good luck”. He’s not filing the lawsuit for $2 million against the A-hole that shot him, he’s filing it against the DOC. You know who is going to pay for that? Not the suspect, not the DOC. The tax payers. I hope he gets paid, I just don’t want to pay it…

  3. Tax payers money to someone who at least earned it and deserves it for a change.

  4. Keep this in mind while the city, county and state cut the holy heck out of funding for probation officers.