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New pedestrian features taking shape on MLK

Walkers and joggers who dread crossing MLK only have a few more weeks before the situation gets ever so slightly better. We walked by MLK & Marion yesterday and found that the project there was well on its way to completion, adding a center pedestrian refuge and curb improvements on either side.

The remaining work includes pouring the concrete for the center island, finishing details on new curb ramps, and adding new paint and signage around the crosswalk. That work should be wrapped up within the next few weeks.

When finished, that intersection will be the only painted crosswalk along the 1,800 foot stretch of roadway between Cherry and Union streets.

0 thoughts on “New pedestrian features taking shape on MLK

  1. Jack and I were crossing there the day before the no parking signs went up and work began. I was looking at the markings on the street instead of paying attention and if Jack hadn’t grabbed me by the arm to stop me, I woulda been smacked by a cab who wasn’t slowing for us.

    It took several blocks for my heartbeat to get back to normal. I sorta think it was the same for the cabbie, based on the look on his face when he finally did see us. Please pass the TP. Thx.