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Construction underway on Cheeky Cafe at 17th & Jackson

Cheeky Cafe, which we first mentioned back in January, is quickly coming into shape in the corner retail spot at 17th & Jackson. Construction crews are working to build out the kitchen and dining area of the space in the large unfinished space in the new Squire Park Plaza building.

We got an email from Wendy Wong, the restauranteur, who told us that they’re currently shooting for an opening in mid May.

Wendy also said that the concept has changed a bit in the last couple of months too. They’re now planning on initially focusing on serving dinner instead of breakfast. But those of you hankering for a breakfast spot may still get your wish – Wendy said they will consider starting a weekend breakfast if the demand is there from the community.

You can read more about Wendy’s plans for the restaurant and keep tabs on their progress via their new blog:

0 thoughts on “Construction underway on Cheeky Cafe at 17th & Jackson

  1. Please serve breakfast….I have been looking forward to breakfast in my neighborhood since this place was first announced.

  2. hmm, that would seem to be hard to support in this neighborhood. no plans to at least be open for lunch?

  3. I will be a bigger supporter of breakfast, but won’t rule out dinner until I have tried it. Can’t wait until it opens!

  4. There is a reason there aren’t a slew of breakfast joints in neighborhoods like ours. It’s called people work! The average household probably goes out to eat dinner much more often than breakfast.Decent Burgers, Salads, soups with Beer and Wine will probably be a much more profitable endeavor in our neighborhood. Once the bills are being paid, breakfast can be added, starting with weekends. Best of luck! It sounds like good business decisions are being made!

  5. Some of our weekends are not on the weekend, if you catch my drift.

    The boyfriend and I LOVE going out to a late breakfast together (we were devastated that we didn’t know Mezzaluna was breakfast, not just a coffee shop, until it was closing). But we work on the weekends, and so would never be able to patronize a weekend only breakfast place. We rarely go out to dinner, but could be counted on at least once a month for breakfast on a Thursday. Please consider weekday breakfast!

  6. I love breakfast too, but think your great grandma’s DUMPLINGs sound wonderful for Dinner. We are really excited to hear more businesses are popping up in the area. Check out cafe weekend over at the Hiawatha Lofts on hiawatha/charles if you are all looking for breakfast time treats.

  7. At least on the weekends to start (even though we don’t all have Saturday/Sunday as our days off, I think those two days would see the majority of breakfast business). We have been looking forward to a neighborhood brunch place in that space for so long!

  8. Greetings from the crew of Cheeky Cafe! We’ve read through your comments and we do apologize for the disappointment that we have caused by not starting with breakfast, but it is as “Food for Thought” has said, we are starting with dinner first as a business decision. Our plan is to get things running smoothly for dinner, then add on Lunch and then eventually breakfast on weekends. of course, once we have settled, we would certainly consider doing breakfast throughout the week if there is enough demand. With that being said, we hope you will come support us for dinner; there is a lot of sentimental value attached to the dishes we have planned for our dinner menu. Please follow our blog ( to read about our progress, what inspired it, and how our menu is shaping up. We would love to hear from you and we will be checking our blog regularly. Thank you!

  9. dang – I am so sad – I know that me and a lot of my customers who live and work in the neighborhood were really looking forward to lunch. I hope that they can quickly get busy enough to support a lunch meal. Also – breakfast on saturday and sunday would be a huge hit – we all would love that here :)

  10. I was so excited for there to be a brunch place in the ‘hood. Maybe they could do just brunch just on the weekends??? I hope so! I would go all the time!