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Central District food and drink notes

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  1. From a taste and flavor perspective, our family loves Full Tilt Ice Cream which is on 5041 Rainier Ave South. We know first-hand this space is also great for adult or kid birthday parties. They won an award from King5’s Best of Western Washington.

  2. Just wondering, as I drive by and see no signs of a restaurant yet…I’m looking on the 14th Ave. side of the Chloe building…is that the correct side? Thanks for any news!

  3. If you want to monitor you can friend Marjorie on Facebook. The update from yesterday read: “framing is done, plumbing and electric are underway.. it’s beginning to look a little like a restaurant!”

  4. Haven’t tried yet but my friend’s husband recently had a bday party there – and I’m so sorry to have missed it

  5. The Weekly might have incorrectly reported Messerit Habeti’s comments. Kokeb opened twenty eight years ago on 12th Avenue between Marion and Spring (in the building now occupied by Lark.) Possibly that was the first Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle. Kokeb, however is now in a different location on 12th.