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CDNews Police Scanner – 3/3

Note: We’re going to be tied up in some other activities and unable to monitor the scanner for the next week or so. So enjoy the scannering today, and stay tuned for a full return to action late next week.

Here’s all the excitement from the sweet streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

0 thoughts on “CDNews Police Scanner – 3/3

  1. Any idea what happened last night around 3 am on 26th and Jackson? Sounded like they were trying to get someone to surrender.

  2. I was woken up by the megaphone and could see it all from my window. There was a red car with 3 occupants that they made each person exit the car separately which took over half an hour. They arrested all of them and then towed the car. I don’t know what they are accused of doing.