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Shots Fired

Happy Friday from the eerily quiet streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. I’m not sure I understand exactly what the suspicious circumstance was. What does “out” mean in this context?

  2. Sounds like the principal is confronting the photographer. The suspicious circumstances would probably be an unknown individual photographing kids at a school.

  3. Ah ok. For some reason I pictured the principle and the photographer on a date.

    … Actually that might be more suspicious. ;-)

  4. This lot is really filling up with lots of junk. I walk by there early every Friday morning and there are now four mattresses/box springs and what appears to be fencing materials. There is a crosscut hand saw near the sidewalk and some of the wood material may be useful. I don’t believe any of it is unused but the 4×4 posts could certainly be useful- 8′ long I believe. Items present at 7:15 AM or so Friday morning.