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Car Wash

So the car wash is back open and today there are people using it, blaring music (super loud bass) and it’s literally making my house vibrate.  I realize of course there is no emergency here, but does anyone have any suggestions as to how we curb this? It will go on all summer…


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  1. i have the same issue near my home where folks who live in an apt bldg on 22nd btwn Yesler & Main blast their mexican music at all hours of the day. it’s ok when they’re just turning on their cars or parking them but it gets really annoying when they just pop the trunk & doors open so that the whole neighborhood can hear them… all while they throw back a couple coronas. no offense against mexican music, it could be any music, just doesn’t have to be played that friggin loud (damn, i sound like an old man). anyway, each time i shrug my shoulders and just pick up the phone to call the non-emergency police line to send someone over. sometimes it works, sometimes it only works for a few minutes…but i figure enough times and they’ll get the hint that not everyone wants to hear their crappy noise pollution!

    sorry for the rant. the other option would be to reach out to the owner of the carwash and ask if he could put up a sign to limit their volume control…not sure how affective that’ll really be but at least it’s something (in addition to calling the boys in blue).

  2. and I actually appreciate the rant. I know it’s probably a low priority issue or not bothersome to some people, but it’s so annoying to me, I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets so irritated by it.

  3. Try this: When they begin, blare right back at them. Crank up Classical or Opera as loud as you can with the speakers facing out of your windows. Our neighbor tried it and the 4 vehicles hanging out, packed it up and were gone in 10 minutes.