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Burglary Update: $20,000 stolen this month

As we reported last week, SPD stats indicate that burglaries and other crimes have taken a dip in the last month, and our analysis of police reports on appears to confirm that. But while the number of break-ins to neighborhood homes and businesses is down, a few large incidents have kept the total value of losses very high. 

Here’s the full round-up:

  • 3/21 – 800 33rd – $7,250 – Unspecified property stolen from detached garage
  • 3/2 – 2800 E. Denny Way – Problem tenants failed to pay the water bills, didn’t fix a broken window, stole a dresser, and a month after they moved out they broke back in and took the small-claims court paperwork that the owner was going to use to sue them
  • 3/17 – 1800 24th Ave – $290 – Burglars broke a side window and stole 50 CDs and a gym bag
  • 3/19 – 1400 18th Ave – $0 – Someone entered Tougo in the middle of the night, set off the alarm, and ripped the thermostat off the wall thinking it was the alarm
  • 3/4 – 1600 E. Union – $0 – Someone tried to kick in a woman’s door in the middle of the night. She yelled and evidently scared them off
  • 3/12 – 100 20th Ave – $1,600 – House was broken into while housesitter was away. Unspecified property was taken from inside, and a car was stolen from the driveway
  • 3/6 – 1600 S. Jackson Place – $0 – Front door was kicked in, but burglars were evidently scared off by the neighbors dog, who is described as the only witness to the crime
  • 3/13 – 1800 S. King – $0 – Two Makita chop saws stolen from a garage
  • 3/7 – 1800 S. Weller – $1,000 – Man heard a noise out in his detached garage and found that someone had broken into the garage by pulling plywood off of an opening. No details on what was taken
  • 3/8 – 800 23rd S – $9,300 – Man was only gone for an hour when someone broke in through the front door and stole a laptop, Rolex watch, 2 camcorders, 2 credit cards, and $120 in cash. The man suspects a neighbor my be involved

Finally, on March 19th there was a break-in to a commercial building in the 1400 block of 31st S. The alarm went off, and the security cameras captured the following:

The unknown suspect was described as a W/M approximately 5'10", medium
build, wearing a dark ball cap (no logo), a dark sweatshirt, gloves and
denim jeans.  The suspect was also wearing a large black backpack with a
white stripe down the middle.  The suspect made entry through the front
door of the Mount Baker Ridge Building located on the East side of 31st Ave
S.  After making entry the suspect broke one of the cameras facing the
front door located on the first floor.  The suspect then made his way to
the second floor where he made entry into the locked suite # .  The
suspect was inside the building for approximately 4-5 mins and exited
through the same door he entered from.
It is unknown what was taken from suite # .

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