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Big pre-spring cleaning in Jackson Place

We’re lucky to have some amazingly well-organized and dedicated community groups around the Central District. There was a perfect example of it over on Hiawatha Place this morning where a large group of neighbors picked up dozens of bags of trash and spruced up the planting areas.

Here’s some community service action shots:

Margo Robb hauls a huge bag of trash

Ruiz Medina and Jesus Peña load up a shopping cart with trash

Susan Rose puts her green thumb to use on a traffic circle

0 thoughts on “Big pre-spring cleaning in Jackson Place

  1. Wow! I live next to the CD and really appreciate all that people do to plant flowers, keep it litter free, neat & tidy.

  2. Good for them cleaning up. Little things really do help. Trash breeds more trash…. Out of my front window, just this morning, I watched a person (a middle aged white woman with two little dogs wearing coats even…. not a teenager or stereotypical unsavory sort) toss her trash on my neighbors parking strip – right on the pile that someone else appears to have dumped out of their car one night. Amazing what people feel justified in doing.

  3. Kudos to CASA Latina who had a dozen or more people help with the clean-up!