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Shots Fired Across 23rd near Jackson

Tonight three men exchanged gunfire across 23rd Ave in the block south of Jackson. Police officers several blocks away heard the shots, and upon responding were told by witnesses that two men on the west side of the street fired handguns at a man on the east side of the street, who also returned fire.

No victims were found. However, officers did find bullet holes in the windows of the Bank of America building adjacent to the Red Apple grocery store. 

Witnesses said that the first two suspects were last seen headed westbound through the Washington Middle School playfield. They were described as two black males, 20s, both about 5’10”, with one in a white jacket with a hood and the other in a black hoodie.

The third man was last seen headed east through the Red Apple parking lot.

Police searched the area for the suspects but appear to have come up empty.

0 thoughts on “Shots Fired Across 23rd near Jackson

  1. I read and comment daily as well, would you rather you or someone else were caught in the crossfire? I personally would prefer they off each other, and let the upstanding folks go on about their non criminal lives without fear of gunfire on a busy street.

  2. regardless you didnt need to make that comment…keep it to yourself…thankfully no one was hit…however “offing” eachother was rude of you to say

  3. …not the solution.

    When one kid gets shot, another gets shot a few days later. I see the candles and comments left for the poor kid who got shot on the stairs leading down to Garfield Playfield every night when I walk my dog. I for one am glad they missed. Your comment is thoughtless.

  4. This is a community website, my viewpoint is as valid as yours, don’t tell me to ‘keep it to myself’, if you don’t like it… don’t read it.

  5. Gee aren’t you lucky you weren’t by the bank window. Problem is that people shooting guns affects us all. Unless you want to live your life scared and never going out — oh yeah that’s not safe either, bullets could go through your walls. Law abiding residents with guns for self defense can ‘defend’ themselves, but also add to the mayhem.

    I lived in DC for 15 years, before and during the time things got bad. Watched as friends had bullets fly through windows, hitting the floor with their kids, where lots of innocent people got shot and someone was murdered every 15 hours. Cops on every corner stopping cars and checking id. People angry and pissed off, honking and ramming your car before the light turned green. In the early 80s, the city was my gem, my playground, walkable and fun. By the 90s, I stopped taking the bus, I strategically lived on the second floor in the back of my building, I stopped taking the Metro, I stopped going out at night, although many programs had people to escort you from your car.

    I refuse to live like that any more. Attitudes like yours lead to that kind of environment. Oh yeah, and we had a gun in our house. Did not matter for that situation.

  6. thank you steve!!! my boyfriends bestfriend was tragically killed because of this youth sure you remember Allen Joplin…its very very sad and i was happy to read your reply

  7. BUT it sounds like none of these three criminals were minding their own business.

    If all three of them had somehow hit and “offed” each other, the world would most likely be a better place this afternoon. If all 3 are gone, there’s no revenge shootings, right?

    This amateur thug life sh*t has got to stop. If they want to play with guns, enlist them and send them to Afghanistan. Get them off 23rd.

  8. I agree, they all should have been better at aiming and gotten rid of each other. Can we get a camera at 23rd and Jackson? At least an ID can be made!

  9. I understand the anger that arises from law abiding folks when stuff like this happens. I’ve lived in this n’hood over twenty years, part of that time during the “great crack wars,” and it’s a horrible thing when gangsters run amok. I’ve wished they’d just kill one another and we’d be better off for it, but that’s a little too far removed from any kind of compassion to be useful. As much as I don’t think of myself as a hug-a-thug kind of guy, the idea of dead teenagers is repellent. Sending the criminals to jail is only a partial solution – it gets them off the street for a few years – better yet, find some way in which redemption (and that can be without religious connotation) can work in their lives. Fix the schools. Find pathways to good jobs that don’t require a college degree. Teach parenting skills in the churches. Become a mentor. A wish for bloodshed? – be careful what you wish for.