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Neighborhood University

Friends and Neighbors,  I suspect many of you have seen announcements through various list serves, the stories in our own CD News, and a piece on the Local page of the Sunday Times about the N’hood University.  As the N’hood U admin I’d like to encourage any and all who would like to offer a course to check out the blog,, send your offering to [email protected]

You don’t have to live in the Colman neighborhood to offer or take a class.  And please feel free to add to this thread if you’d like to discuss.

Here’s the format for advertising a class:

Name of Class

Instructor’s Name

Short Description

When: Starting date, frequency, end date if there is one



Contact name, phone number, email

A short bio of the instructor, facilitator, host, whatever..

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  1. Find these six classes as

    Baking for Kids
    Neighborhood Marimba
    Neighborhood Sing-a-Long Rise Up Singing
    Teahouse Tap
    Urban Sustainability
    Success Story: Creating a Plan for Success

    and, if you’d like to offer a learning opportunity to the n’hood, please check out the format above, and get the info to me [email protected], and I’ll make sure it gets posted at our blog site.

  2. I’m very pleased to announce the addition of a Yoga class with the wonderful Rebecca Denk. Please stop by the to see how we’re shaping up for our fall session.

    offered by Rebecca Denk

    Come join us for a one-hour led yoga practice in the ‘hood. Through a series of asana (yoga postures) we’ll build strength, flexibility, body awareness and quiet minds. General physical mobility required, but no yoga experience necessary.

    Beginning September 12, ending December 21

    Saturday @ 9-10 am
    Monday @ 7-8 pm
    Wednesday @ 7-8 pm

    (no yoga practice Oct 10,12 & 28, Nov 7 & 9, or Dec 16)

    Studio Arcadia , 725 24th Ave. South (Corner of 24th & Dearborn )

    Class punch cards are $50 for 8 classes or $80 for 16 classes. Or drop-in to class for just $8.
    Class size limited to 8.

    For more information or to sign up contact Rebecca Denk: [email protected] or 206-427-9764.

    Rebecca has been studying yoga for more than a dozen years at Seattle Yoga Arts, and has completed Anusara teacher training with Denise Benitez twice! She enjoys creatively sequencing yoga asana to develop students’ appreciation of their own capacity and this ancient practice.

  3. Posted at – take a look and then take a class, you’ll be glad you did!

    The full curriculum:

    Baking for Kids
    Beginning Theatrical Improvisation
    Neighborhood Marimba
    Neighborhood Sing-a-Long
    Poetry Workshop
    Success Story: Creating a Plan for Success
    Tango – Beginning Class
    Teahouse Tap
    Urban Sustainability: A Low Impact Design Retrofit