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Madrona family business loses beloved owner

We learned through a forward from a Madrona email list that Tom Thong, the owner of Rubys Cleaners in Madrona, passed away this week. From the email, the daughter and son-in-law have come back to help figure out the business, and are unsure if the family can keep it going without outside help. Today, there is a sign on the door informing customers that they are only accepting pick up orders, but “should be back to normal operations shortly.”

0 thoughts on “Madrona family business loses beloved owner

  1. Mr. Thong will truly be missed. He (and his family) ran exactly the kind of neighborhood business we all need more of. He remembered everyone in my family and always asked about us all. He even remembered my mom from out of town who probably didn’t stop in more than a couple of times a year. I hope they are able to keep going. Very sad.