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Is it really September already? Here’s the word on the streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. The “houseguest who has overstayed their welcome” on 26th was actually an eviction of some tenants who were supposed to be out by midnight, last night.

    These are the tenants at 26th x S Washington who included a “known juvenile burglar” mentioned in a previous CDNews story about stolen bicycles.

    A lawsuit has been threatened against the property owner by the now-former tenants, and the property owner has been around the neighborhood collecting evidence and taking neighbor statements to defend the eviction in court.

  2. No info on it. Unfortunately, we screwed up and left the scanner unplugged when we left last night, missing things up until around 10pm

  3. Not the pink apartments unless there were 2 separate incidents. This was the grey triplex I’ve been talking about.