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New Central District Coffee Option: Cafe Char

The north end of the neighborhood around Madison has been seriously
short on coffee options, especially since the Starbucks at Safeway
closed last year. But that problem is fixed now that Cafe Char has
opened up on Madison, just east of 23rd and up the street from The

We stopped in this morning and got some really good lattes and
americanos. Charnita, the owner, also has homeade quiche, and a full
selection of other baked goods, including a seasonal blackberry pie
that a friend told me was amazing. They’ve got free WIFI too.

Cafe Char is open Tuesday through Saturday in the mornings and early

0 thoughts on “New Central District Coffee Option: Cafe Char

  1. And apparrently the owner is able to stand on the ceiling! :-) [At least in the initial posting of the first picture]

  2. So weird – i’m out of the office today and did this as an iphone post, and the photo was right side up when the page displayed in mobile safari. It should be fixed now.

  3. You are ‘supposed’ to take the bus up 23rd. I’m being half serious, but that is the point of that kind of location, in the Urban Village and serving the neighbors. There is rather limited parking in the neighborhood, especially if you are ok parking on really really steep hills.

  4. Parking can be found on the next street down, 24th, especially in the mornings and afternoons in front of the apartment complex because everyone is at work. Or, park in front of Crush (But I believe you’re only allowed 30 minutes).

    I went into Char’s the other day and they had wonderfully spicy chai and Charnita was very sweet. Hoorayay!

  5. It’s at 2314 e. Madison, on the north side of the street, just east & downhill from 23rd

  6. Yea! I hope it’s nice and strong. If so, I’ll do my part to keep her in business. The thought of opening a small business in this economy makes me nervous. Nevertheless, people, love to have a spot outside of the home to gather, chat, work, people watch, nosh on treats & not have to do dishes afterward. Well, I do. Hope we neighbors can keep her in business.