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Madison Valley: Digging Continues, Houses Almost Done

It’s a lovely day for a walk, so I took the Newshound through Madison Valley today to get an update on what’s going on down there.

First up, the expansion of the drainage pond at 30th & Denny has made a lot of progress. The new walking paths are now sculpted into the north end of the property, and excavation continues on the south side. Construction workers have told me that they hauled away as much as fourteen dump trucks of dirt in a single day. They’re working hard to get the construction done before the rain returns in the fall.

The houses that were moved from Madrona last month have also made a lot of progress. Foundations are poured for both, and it looks like it won’t be long until they’re lowered down and fixed to their new locations.

Finally, although this isn’t quite Madison Valley, it was on our way home. Sawdust is flying at the Bottleneck where they’re removing a wall and expanding into the old barbershop space to the west:

0 thoughts on “Madison Valley: Digging Continues, Houses Almost Done

  1. It is great to see the bottleneck lounge succeeding! When they started that bar they saw a void that needed to be filled. Although that was pretty apparent to many it was the owners that took the chance when many others would not. I really hope that kind of risk taking will continue in our neighborhood and when it does we all support the local establishment. I can’t wait to grab a drink in the newly expanded bar!

  2. after all that horridness, folks are getting an amenity in the valley. And, the folks who benefit most are the ones who had all that sewage running into their basements during each big storm for quite some time. Talk about making lemonade.