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How can our community support the CDN crew and honor Matt?

Like many of you, I’m a regular CDN reader and occasional contributor via comments and the rare post. I logged on this morning expecting to see a story from Scott reporting on the Night Out block parties. There would definitely be pictures, probably reports for a few different parties, and perhaps a small aside about the newshound snagging a spare hot dog.

I was not expecting the headline “Matt Durham, 1979-2009.” CDguy’s tragically unexpected death was the lead news; Scott’s beautiful brotherly tribute was the story; and four dozen and counting condolences and tributes from readers were the beginning of the epilogue.

I don’t know much about the Durham brothers. I didn’t even know there were brothers at CDN world headquarters until a few minutes ago. I’ve met Scott a few times at the Bottleneck, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never met Matt. But I’m crying now at this news. Why? Because Scott and Matt are both an important part of my weekday life. I log onto their work almost daily. CDNews connects me to my neighbors and is part of my neighborhood. Because I admire their work ethic, their commitment to a new kind of community organizing, and their wit. And maybe because I have a beloved sibling myself, and Scott’s loving tribute did what his best stories on here do – it made me stop and think about how we’re all connected.

So what does a community do in the face of such a loss of one of its members? It steps in to support those close and to honor the lost.

CDN readers, can we do this?

If a close neighbor or friend could find out any specifics about how we could tangibly help Scott and Ray, that would be great. Certainly ones among us could cut grass, walk the dog, bring over food, or do other tasks to make their lives a little easier right now. Given the affection that people seem to hold for this crew, I imagine and hope that those closest will be doing these things.  If there’s a need beyond the close circle, please let us know.

For the wider community, let’s think of this tragedy as a call for stepping up our own contributions to the CDNews. The best tribute I can think of is contributing to the site with extra vigor for the next few days and weeks. Post your NNO pictures. Follow up on a neighborhood story and write a real article. Take the time to note things happening around the CD. Perhaps someone out there could even serve as our scanner reporter for a few days. In Texas and around US, a death in the family often means a flood of casseroles from the friends so that the grieving have something to eat and feed others.  Contributions could be our casserole dishes.

These are just the thoughts that came immediately to mind. Certainly you all have others. What can we do as support and tribute?

Thanks for reading! -Jennie

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. That would both take the burden off Scott, and help the site survive as an ongoing tribute to Matt (whom I always think of as “cdguy”).

    Thanks for making the suggestion, and hence getting the ball rolling in such an articulate way.

  2. I will also be shifting some of my monitoring of news on Capitol Hill to assist here at CDNews. Lucas the fantabulous Neighborlogs intern will handle much of the reporting so expect to see his byline frequently.

    But we’re both only visitors — the people who live here know what is really happening. Please add your pictures and articles to the site if the urge grabs you or send them my way — tips, pictures, links, etc.
    [email protected] or call 206-399-5959

  3. I think this is a lovely idea. I live nearby (well, don’t we all?) and would love to help in any way I can. Scott, if you’re reading this and need someone to take care of your dog while you are in Texas, contact me, I’d be happy to. Or pick up mail or bring food or whatever. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  4. great idea jennie!
    organizing help in a way that doesn’t overwhelm scott and ray seems pretty important.
    i’ve used to schedule meals for new families. you might be interested in taking a quick look at it. the quick rundown is that you enter all of the needs on the calendar, post access to the calendar on say, cdnews, and people can directly sign up for needs themselves.

    scott, we have a lot of affection for you and ray … and it looks like we have a lot of company!
    so sad to hear of this present suffering….
    we miss seeing you on a daily basis.

    your old neighbors, kirk, karin, sigrid, adelaide & liesl

  5. This is Ray, writing on behalf of Scott and his family. It’s been an awful time around here. Our house of joy and laughs and happiness has been replaced by deep sadness and confusion. We are humbled and comforted that many of you wish to help us. But, right now, we appear to have things under control. My work has been terrific, allowing me to take time off and help maintain the homefront.

    We’ll be thinking of ideas in the coming weeks as a way to honor Matt, and would welcome any suggestions you might have. But Justin, who posted above, is right: Keep this site, YOUR SITE, flowing with information and content while Scott focuses on remembering his brother.

    Thank you all so much. We’ll be in touch. And it can never be said enough: Love the ones you’re with.

  6. I couldn’t have said this better, if I said it myself. I totally agree with every word you have expressed here. Scott, you and your family are in our prayers!!