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Free Ice Cream OR Better Buildings? Why not both!

Free Ice Cream OR Better Buildings? Why not both!

The City Council is considering land use and building changes that could provide more affordable housing and open space and greater flexibility in building design.

Come learn more and comment at a City Council meeting at Blanche Lavizzo Park!

Tuesday, August 18
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
(free ice cream at 5 p.m.)
at Blanche Lavizzo Park
just South of E. Yesler Way & 22rd Ave S. in the Central Area

This is a special meeting of the Seattle City Council’s Planning, Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee regarding the proposed Multifamily Code Update in our Midrise & Highrise areas. For more information about the multifamily code update, including links to previous meetings visit:

Contact Councilmember Sally Clark’s Office with questions
at [email protected] or (206) 684-8802
Interpreters available with advance request.

0 thoughts on “Free Ice Cream OR Better Buildings? Why not both!

  1. From the link in the post:
    “The MFC consists of Lowrise Duplex Triplex (LDT) Lowrise 1, 2, 3 and 4 (L-1, L-2, L-3 and L-4 – the townhouse zones), Midrise (MR) and Highrise (HR). If you live in one of these zones, the MFC update may impact the way development occurs in your neighborhood. These zones comprise approximately 10% of the City’s total acreage and 36% of the city’s housing stock.”
    Check the tool on the linked page to find out what zones are in your area. The CD has a bit of all zones, as I read the maps, anyway..

  2. The committee previously held meetings on the updates to the Lowrise Multifamily (LDT, L1-4) portion of the code in West Seattle and the north end. That is the vast majority of multifamily in the Central Area.

    We have a small portion of land zoned Midrise and I cannot see any Highrise.

    We typically see Neighborhood Commercial zoning in our area for higher buildings.

    OTOH Capitol Hill and Downtown DO have quite a bit of Midrise and Highrise, so why isn’t this meeting being held convenient to them?

    So I ask, what does this have to do with our community? Or, is someone trying to tell us something about future zoning in the Central Area? Shall we reach out to our friends in Belltown, Downtown, and Capitol Hill and make sure THEY come to enjoy the ice-cream. Will folks be allowed to comment on the Lowrise buildings in our community, whether it is te point of the discussion or not?

  3. From Michael Jenkins, one of the presenters at the Tuesday City Council Land Use Committee meeting:

    “They will be looking at three issues – specifically modifying zoning criteria related to MR and HR zones, extending incentive zoning to the MR zone and if the existing HR zone incentive program should be modified.”