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EPCPC Meeting Notes – Robberies down, Commercial Burgs Up

Although the biggest focus of tonight’s meeting was on the Drug Market Initiative (DMI), there was other news too. Here’s the details:

Drugs: A neighbor is still seeing drug activity around Pratt Park, and wondered whether police thought that the DMI was pushing the problem out that direction. Lt. O’Donnell said that they are watching closely for that, but haven’t seen any evidence of it so far.

Graffiti: Still a problem around Garfield, and a resident there is having trouble getting the city out to clean up the tags on street signs and other public property. City officials said the goal is 72 hour turnaround, and to keep up reporting the issue if it’s not cleaned up within that time. Additionally, Community Police Team officer Tim Greely is building a database of graffiti to help sort out which is from violent gangs and which is not as threatening. Call him at 684-4349 if you have graffiti that you want police to take a look at.

Mugging: A resident reported a mugging that happened back in July, where a group of young kids, 8-12 years old, followed a woman from Safeway and tried to take her purse near 24th & Olive. But other than that, she remarked on how things were generally quiet this summer.

Residential Burglaries: Are up, but still down vs. last year. Police have also recently arrested several suspects in the East Precinct, including one who they think is responsible for up to 10 burglaries. They’ve also ID’d a group who are suspected of break-ins further south in Leschi and into Mt. Baker, and will continue investigations in that area.

Commercial Burglaries: Are up along Rainier Ave, where people have been breaking into businesses at night and stealing small-value things like loose change. There’s also an increase in business break-ins in the Pike/Pine area and further east along Madison as far as MLK.

Robberies: Are down recently, which would be a change of direction compared to the June stats we reported on earlier.

Shooting: Police believe the individual shot near Juvi Hall earlier in the month was specifically targeted as he exited the building. That victim is an adult, and police believe there is a gang relationship in that case. Additionally, police said that they have a suspect in the murder that occurred in the South Precinct this morning.

Gangs: A Leschi resident says that gang issues around Flo Ware Park are much improved this summer. There’s more families and kids using the park, and less drug activity. In addition, she now feels much safer walking down Jackson to the Red Apple and back.

Mobile Precinct: Has been hanging around 23rd & Union to place a high-visibility police presence in the area. Residents are encouraged to stop by and talk to officers, and report any area problems they have to them.

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  1. anyone want to do a child care coop at these events so mothers/fathers and families can attend these things………?

  2. sounds great. i would like that as well. i have 6 year old and 3 year old daughters. you?