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Can you believe August is almost over? Here’s what’s happening on the streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. did you hear anything about a car fire around 10:30 this morning? I could see if from my office window, looked like it where broadway and boren met. The car was blazing until the fire dept. showed up.

  2. Just saw that it was on the city’s 911 page with a single engine response, but no other details

  3. Sorry – was out to dinner. Here’s what was on the scanner for that time:

    5:32pm – 28th & Cherry – report of narcotics activity
    5:43pm – 25th & Cherry – two males selling
    5:49pm – 27th & Columbia – officers contacting someone else associated with the above call
    6:01pm – Felony warrant confirmed for one of the suspects. One in custody

  4. Anyone know what’s up with the police van that’s been parked at 23rd/Union in front of the liquor store for the past couple of days?