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The CD Scanner is back in action, covering all of the excitement of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. And okay, how much “damage” can an egg do that a sponge and soapy water can’t fix? Unless it was an ostrich egg…

  2. Man, I’ve missed the scanner. Welcome home! Glad you took the hound for a neighborhood walk too to see how things were progressing in the hood when you were gone.

  3. How can Eastlake Ave E & E. Hamlin be considered part of the CD?

    There’s plenty of intoxicated men peering into cars in our own neighboorhood without this guy! :)

  4. The CD Scanner covers all of the East Precinct. That includes Capitol Hill and the area between I-5 and Lake Union

  5. You’re already posting like crazy again.

    I don’t think I ever realized why the scanner covers stuff like shoplifting at Goodwill, etc, when those areas are not exactly in the CD! Thanks for explaining!

  6. Welcome Back Scott!!!
    But, I would also like to thank everyone that kept the site going.