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Yes, TT Minor can be a Great Neighborhood School

TT Minor International School for 2009-2010 School Year

School Board President Michael DeBell on May 23, 2009: “Bring me 300 students, and you can have TT Minor Elementary School.”

Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson on May 20, 2009: “I believe in neighborhood schools, and every community deserves one.”

In response to Michael DeBell and Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson, advocates for TT Minor Elementary School are actively pursing an International Pre-K-5 International School Program focusing on the study of language, culture with a global perspective. Community and parent support are key considerations for the placement of these programs.

This must then be pursued in conjunction with the recruitment of 300 students, a portion of which should be in addition to students already
enrolled in Seattle Public Schools.

The plan would lead to immersion programs in Spanish, Japanese and English with an Advanced Learning Opportunity Program. TT Minor would
continue its partnerships with Seattle Music Partners, Pratt Fine Arts, Chess Club, Math Club, Language Clube, French Class and After School
Child Care and activities. Adding a Go Club, for instance, would be in keeping with cultural opportunities.

Parents and community members are invited to be a part of creating a culturally diverse community of engaged students learning advanced
skills in communication, international languages. and technology. Your help and talents will be needed to create a forum of parents,
community members, and leaders for planning and meeting with the District. Let’s make this happen.

TT Minor International Program Offerings

* Spanish
* Japanese
* English

Additional Academic Opportunities

* Advance Learning Opportunity

Program Enhancements

* Seattle Music Partners
* Pratt Fine Arts
* Chess Club
* Math Club
* Language Clubs
* French Class
* After School Child Care and activities

If you are interested in making TT Minor International School happen, sign up at “TT Minor International School Now!” Parents with children of elementary should and younger (yes, even babies) should list your children’s ages if you feel this is a good program for them. All other community member interested in demonstrating support, please see this as a petition, bypass the student information, and sign up to demonstrate support.
You may also call 206-323-7413.

0 thoughts on “Yes, TT Minor can be a Great Neighborhood School

  1. I think Mandarin makes more sense than Japanese as an immersion language. 1.3 billion people in China, vs. 127 million in Japan. China’s the up and coming world power. Plus, there are many more new Chinese immigrants to Seattle than Japanese. The Mandarin immersion program at Beacon Hill is fantastic and very popular. I’d love to see another one at TT Minor, which is (was) my reference school. You’d likely have a kid from my family there if you had it in place for 2012.

  2. I totally agree with Sinophile. I would definitely enroll my child there in 2013 if there was a Mandarin immersion program.

  3. The lawmakers say they want all children to have equal opportunity for education. Then why are they closing down so many schools and under paying the teachers?