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The Madrona House Move is On for Saturday

It’s a rare opportunity to see some really big things move down a really small city street. This Saturday at 10pm, the two houses rescued from the expansion of Epiphany School will slowly make their way down E. Howell St. and down the hill to their new lots in Madison Valley.

Yesterday commenter “It’s on” gave us the tip that a resolution had been reached between Nickels Brothers House Moving and a group of neighbors on E. Howell. As we told you last month, those residents were resisting the move due to the impact it would have on the trees that reach over their narrow street. Today we got hold of Jeff McCord from Nickels Brothers, who said that they’ve struck a deal with the E. Howell homeowners to replace any trees that need to be removed, and to plant additional ones along the street to compensate for the overhanging canopy that must be trimmed back to make way for the houses. Nickels Brothers is also guaranteeing all of the trees for continued health.

McCord says that he and the owners of the moved homes are “very thankful to the Howell neighbors and other people in the neighborhood for being accommodating” of the move, and he’s glad that they were able to find a long-term solution to the issue of the trees.

Want to watch? McCord says that spectators are welcome, so make some coffee and bring your cameras. But be aware that safety will be their biggest focus – move-watchers will need to stay on the sidewalk even after streets are closed due to the constant movement of utility crews and other heavy machinery. They’ll also need to stay at least 50 feet away from the moving houses at all times.

Here’s the schedule for the move:

  • 10:00pm Saturday 7/25: The two houses will start making their way westbound on Howell from their current location on Epiphany School’s basketball courts.
  • 12:00am Sunday: The houses will be cleared to cross 34th and continue down the hill into Madison Valley
  • 3:00am – 4:00am Sunday: The houses should reach their new homes in the 1800 block of 30th and 300 block of 29th E.

Here’s a rough map of the route:

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0 thoughts on “The Madrona House Move is On for Saturday

  1. I’m happy to hear these landmarks will be saved!

    As for those “neighbors”, with their outrageous demands, shame on them. Trees grow back. Houses like those don’t.

  2. The blue line on the map goes all the way down E. Howell St. to 30th Ave. E. That is incorrect. E. Howell St. has a very steep hill between 33rd and 32nd. To avoid that, they are turning right (north) on 33rd, and then left on Denny, then right on 32nd, then left on Denny again, and on from there.

  3. I’m also interested to see how they deal with the little traffic cirlce on 30th and E. Thomas. I’m guessing they’ll just run right over it, I guess? It would be fun to see it “cruise” by my house, but I’m not sure if it’s worth getting up at 3 AM for …

  4. relieved, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Can you please tell everyone what the “outrageous demands” of the Howell St. neighbors were? Nickel Bros. apparently did not think the requests were outrgageous as they basically agreed to step up and do what was asked of them. So please stop undeservedly disparaging this group of people that, based on my actual knowledge of the situation, thoughtfully and respectfully worked with Nickel Bros. to accommodate the move while mitigating the long term impact to the street. And kudos to Jeff McCord and Nickel Bros. for stepping up, working with those impacted in the neighborhood to come to a resolution that was fair.

  5. this is a wonderful thing to happen let’s all be thrilled and happy that everyone came to an agreement, AND like i said let us give special thanks to our Howell st. neighbors for permitting the move. (no, I don’t live there but I walk down it every night or so and admire the street and the obvious love the residents have for it and their homes. If only we all had a street that looks as nice here in the ‘hood.)

    I’ll continue to drop the tips as needed!

  6. I think not. I wonder what the final dollar amount paid to Howell St. neighbors was?

  7. wow, even someone more jaded than I. no dollar amount neighbor, just an agreement for new trees on the street when it is said and done. Take a look before and after, and you will see. It really was not that big a deal anyhow…