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Spring Street Park Work

Yesterday a friend sent a message wondering about what’s going on at Spring St. Park at on 15th. The answer, according to Joelle Lignon at the Parks Department, is that they’re adding a new irrigation system. The project is supposed to last for about two weeks, but in the meantime the  recently remodeled play area is still accessible.

Just think: The park will now stay lush and green the next time we go for months at a time without rain.

0 thoughts on “Spring Street Park Work

  1. No kidding!
    The wifey and I were walking by there the other day and wondering just how long it took to finish the job.
    Hopefully you’re right, just another two weeks from now.

  2. Does anyone know what is going on at Plum Tree Park? I walked by yesterday and seems a similar dig was going on but didn’t know what it ws all about.

  3. Very cool! Too bad they’re not getting rid of the newly installed playground equipment. Reminds me of a suburban McDonald’s – bright yellow and red? What an eyesore…