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Suspect from yesterday has history of getaway attempts

The officer involved shooting yesterday on Jackson Street started when suspects in a suspicious vehicle tried to make a getaway. For one of those suspects, it wasn’t the first time he’s been involved in an incident like that.

Although we’re not yet naming the suspect in the absence of formal charges, “Suspect A”, 28 years old, has previously pleaded guilty for attempting to elude a police officer and received a 12-month sentence for that crime.

The conviction stemmed from a drug-related traffic stop in Pioneer Square on December 27th, 2007, where a King County Sherriff’s Deputy pulled him over for failure to signal. The deputy found that Suspect A had an open warrant and tried to make an arrest, but Suspect A jumped back into the car and drove away, injuring the deputy’s hand in the process.

The vehicle then sped away, running red lights and stop signs. Deputies terminated the pursuit, but later found the vehicle idling empty under the Viaduct.

A scale found in that vehicle tested positive for cocaine.

A warrant was issued for Suspect A’s arrest in the eluding case, and he was later located and brought to trial. He pleaded guilty in June of 2008 to Attempting to Elude a Police Officer and Third Degree Assault.

Suspect A has two other recent felony drug convictions. In a 2007 incident, he pleaded guilty to drug possession after he was found to be hiding a bag of cocaine in his rectum when he was booked into King County Jail on a separate offense. In a 2006 case, he pleaded guilty to a drug charge after he was picked up by Seattle Police for a hand-to-hand drug transaction in Pioneer Square. He has a longer history of misdemeanor drug convictions as well.

Suspect A’s last known address was in the 8400 block of Delridge Way.

Out of the two other suspects taken into custody yesterday, one is a 17 year old juvenile, and the other is a man in his 20s who hasn’t yet been positively identified by police.

It’s not clear which of the three suffered the bullet wound to the hand.

A fourth suspect remains at large.

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  1. You gotta wonder what the cost of just one of these morons is to society. The price of his crimes and path of destruction. The price of police an court time. Can we start billing the parents?

  2. Wow – I can’t believe you actually think you should have the right to decide who should be born and who shouldn’t. Are you really so omniscient?

  3. …where are you?

    You shared such great insight into this incident in the other post, I was hoping you could also give us your interpretation on this news also…

  4. Yes Parents should be held responsible, but a bad kid doesnt always mean a bad parent. To assume that the parents are the same is to such over generalization.

    As for not letting the “Poor or Criminal Breed” thats a criminal idea. I know many good parents who by normal standards are considered “poor”. Parenting is about someones presence of mind, patience, and level of commitment. While money helps it does not determine a “good” parent…nor does a child born to money mean it will be a good member of society.