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madrona house move tonight – update w/ video

The two houses from the Epiphany School property had a successful ride down the hill to their new homes in Madison valley last night, making it without damage and right on schedule.

Here’s a video we put together of the move:


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  1. It was quite a sight! Lot’s of people came out to see the 2 houses being moved to their new locations.
    Many held their breath as the house was pulled out of the basketball court onto Howell with a very tricky turn!
    I am sure the news will have coverage of this amazing event!

  2. Great coverage and awesome video. Somehow, I didn’t realize that the houses were moving down into Madison Valley–I had seen all of the no parking signs yesterday afternoon, but now I’ve got the full picture!

  3. As one of the buyers of the now-moved houses (the one whose family is actually moving into the moved house), it’s been an intense & emotional couple of months. I just want to thank the folks that operate this blog for your coverage & your community service in making this news & comment forum available to all of us for free. The dialogue on this blog was what caused the Seattle Times reporter to track us down & write an article, which somehow made it to the front page (!!) — two days later, we were working on a peaceful settlement with the Howell St. neighbors whose trees were impacted by the route switch. As y’all have no doubt surmised by now, this meant the houses got saved and everyone got what they needed.
    Thanks & blessings, Chris Page.

    P.S. Killer video! I’d love to meet for coffee sometime, Scott or someone else, just to make the connection. Drop me a note if you’re up for it. -cp

  4. Thank you for making and sharing the video, it turned out really well. Have to admit, I almost wished I stayed at home instead of seeing everything real time (slow motion?). Also, congratulations to the proud owners of the these two gorgeous homes! It’s wonderful that you have agreed to preserve them. I wonder if all of the neighbours on the block knew about the move. Otherwise, I can see it being very puzzling to someone to walk by an empty lot in the evening and see a house in the morning.

  5. Scott, both Pat and I want to thank and commend you for the great effort you put forth covering this story, and for the great video of our “rescue effort”
    Thanks again from the owners of the “new,old” house at 312 29th East
    Alan Serebrin